Is it safe to get a facial when I'm pregnant?

Is it safe to get a facial when I'm pregnant?

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Yes, a standard facial should be fine.

You don't want to do anything involving extensive heat that your body can't get rid of – like a body wrap – because that can be dangerous to your baby. (Raising your internal core temperature too high in the first trimester can cause birth defects.) But steaming your face or wrapping just your face in a hot towel is okay.

There are some facial treatments and topical facial products that I'd suggest you avoid while you're pregnant, to be on the safe side. Chemical peels and topical retinoids might be better left for after your baby arrives, for example.

Other safety tips for facials:

  • Mention that you're pregnant when making your appointment and ask whether the aesthetician has experience doing facials on pregnant women.
  • When you arrive for your appointment, be sure to let the person doing your facial know you're pregnant so that modifications can be made, if necessary.
  • If you have any questions about the safety of a treatment, ask your doctor.

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