The ideal age of being a father and paternity

The ideal age of being a father and paternity

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Today be a father not easy at all. Some aim to climb the career ladder, while others are trying to consolidate their economic strength. Not to mention the intense hustle and bustle of the modern era. As such, the 'time' and 'attention' that babies need most may not be enough time. For all these reasons, almost every man asks himself the following question: What is the ideal age of being a father? Acıbadem Maslak Hospital Psychiatry Specialist Assoc. Dr. We asked Kultur Ögel about the ideal age of being a father…

When Are Men Ready to Become a Father?

Actually, there's no time for that. It can change from one person to another as it can change socially. The spiritual age of the essential person today kim Who knows who is spiritually and at what age? Let's say the man age it is such a relative point that it is impossible to know where it is close. Sometimes a teenager is closer to death than an old man. Sometimes they have lived for a teenager, they are as important as they will for a elder. Given this situation, it is possible to say that men are sometimes ready for the child in their twenty and sometimes in their hands.

Do women feel the same about having children?

The situation in women is a little different bir It is a common phrase from women: ım I want many children! ”. Where does he get so many children? There is a sound coming from the woman, but it is an inexplicable voice, it does not have logic. But she wants to be a mother! That sound is our emotions!

Are Our Feelings Leading Us About This?

In a way, yes. We want something in a way that we cannot make sense of, we cannot fully explain. If our emotions support a decision that has passed through a small filter of logic, this decision is usually correct. We cannot explain the reasons for that day, but our minds have made their calculations and made their decisions in the back corners without our knowledge. Logically, when we can “be”, we have to go back and ask our feelings. "What do you want?". If the sound isolated from inside logic says orum I want…,, the word of logic no longer exists there. When we gather the right, the best, the facts, if we catch the lowest acceptable line of the time of child making, it is best to leave the decision to emotions… It doesn't matter how old it is.

Is There An Ideal Time To Be A Father?

In fact, we create ideals. We put the ideal, then we chase it. Ideals are not close targets. Easily accessible targets cannot be ideal. Ideals are remote, perhaps out of reach. It is difficult to define the baba best father kadar as well as to define “the best age”. Impossible are our perfect ideals. There is always a iy better ”. We try to reach whatever is better. Then we wait, we wait. We'il wait for it to be the best. However, the best is the “best zat in itself. The search for an ideal time, such as ım Let me buy a car then I make children ”, ım I make children a little heavier” leads us not to the best, but to the worst in general. We will linger at the “indecision” stop. Logic pollutes emotions. There is no unreasonable feeling, but there is no sense without emotion. Where logic cannot decide, you should look at the sound within you.

Which Age Group is Ideal?

In the 20 - 35 age group: Men often pursue goals at this age. They try to have the top points in the career, to have the car, to get the power. If among these goals is to have children, then these ages can be considered as good age for having children.
35-40 age group: Life gains stability. An important part of the objectives is achieved. Now it is time to eliminate the deficiencies. 35 to 40 years of age, especially in the emotional field is the period to try to eliminate the deficiencies. Though money, power and other things, love may be incomplete. If there is such a deficiency and the child is going to overcome this deprivation, this age may be ideal for having children.
In the age group of 40-45: In this period, “Oh my God, what did I do” or gençlik Alas, youth train escaped! Oluştur constitutes the age of concern. Men in this age group begin to think that they cannot live from running. If the missing and uninvolved thing is a child, then this age may be ideal for making a child. There is a sense of being ready, not the age of having children.

Is there an ideal father?

• You are a good father. There is no ideal father.
• A father is a “good father yapabil.
• He who does more than he sees from his father, ından good father ”.
• bab I did it, you do not adır is the father, “good father”.
• What always exists in an emergency, var good father ”.
• It is not the governor, but the governor, the baba good father ”.
• What is natural in doing all this is en good father ”.

When You Are Not Ready When You Become A Father?

What if you have kids when you're not really ready? So if it's not the right time? In fact, things that are timeless are sometimes timed. Maybe it's timeless, but it's no problem and everything goes well. It may not be the time for us, but it is actually “the right time”. Therefore, time shows whether what we call “timeless gerçekten is really“ timeless ”. Prejudiced approach creates the problem. It's not really the time, that is, if the person is not ready to be a father, the feeling of lack is waiting for that person. Not being able to fully realize his life and his plans and not being able to be a father! Over time, feeling of guilt or anger can turn into feelings. Child This can have two separate consequences: Sometimes children accept it as normal and live. This is normal because they do not know of any other type, and it is often sufficient, albeit incomplete. Another group of children matches this with the feeling of orum disliked “.

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