What should children eat during 1-3 years?

What should children eat during 1-3 years?

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Hello, dear parents, my next article 's most read and the site says DIETISIAN YOUR Kİ link can only reach those who are members. It is a very nice feeling to be read and visited, thank you for your interest.

I spent two weeks writing on how to feed 1-3 year old children. The first week will include recommendations to the family and the other week, which foods and how much should we eat. With the hope that you will read with pleasure….

Nutrition is an educational process in our lives, the most beautiful skill to be gained. For this reason, the child who sits at the table with his family should not be fed what he eats first but how to gain nutrition awareness. Because if the family has a balanced and adequate diet, it may not be necessary to prepare special meals for the child. In this age, the child is in the period when he can learn and gain the adequate and balanced nutrition habit easily.

The attitude of the family is very important for the child to gain the habit of eating regularly. It is not right to compare what your child eats with what other children eat and force them to eat less. The need of the child should be known, and the stomach capacity should be taken into consideration to eat.

Remember that the child is fed enough and balanced, you can understand the state of growth and development. If your child grows up normally, it is not right to ask him to eat more if he doesn't see enough. !!!! In this respect, growth status should be guided in child nutrition.

You should definitely consult with the NUTRITION EXPERTS experienced in pediatric nutrition to assess your nutritional status.

Normally growing children do not have problems with food intake. However, additional nutrients started late, usually mixed with mixtures prepared by the mixer, the food does not know the individual tastes of children with eating behavior problems arise.

However, for a normal growing child, he or she is in great demand for self-food in the middle of two years. This request must be fulfilled. At this age, the child can drink water with a glass, grasp the spoon with his hand and eat by pouring. This is the natural development process for children. This process should be welcomed by the family naturally and a suitable environment should be prepared for him to eat more comfortably. Your child can take the food with his hand and take it to his mouth, or play with the food on the plate or pour it on the floor while eating. Stimulating or rebuking it means breaking the pleasure of eating, and it means that there are signs that feeding difficulties will begin. During this period, the value of various foods must be explained to children. For example, the length of milk in the length of the carrot can be seen more clearly when eating or eating meat as we can be stronger ...

Since these age children can easily mimic adult family members, it is necessary to set an example for children in nutrition.

You should consider children as adults when you are given nutritional education. They are taken, angry, shivered, sad. Therefore, there is no use in shouting or punishing them. You should approve the correct behavior of your children, and warn about the general behavior of wrong behaviors in public settings. Again, you can use a variety of materials or methods for better nutrition education. Hacettepe University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics faculty member on this subject. Dr. I would like to end my writing with a nutritional story where you will benefit from the vast experiences of Türkan Kutluay Merdol. Good luck to all mothers.

Protein Creature
(This tale was written by a 5-year-old girl…)

Once upon a time, there was a creature called PROTEIN. This creature is a very strange thing. Whoever it enters, it enlarges and strengthens it. That's why everyone wanted to catch him. But nobody knew where he was. People say they see this creature sometimes in the air, sometimes in the sea. Those who saw him in the air called him a UFO, and those who saw him in the sea called him a monster. However, this creature called PROTEIN was hiding in the food. Do you know what food is hiding? Meat, milk and eggs ... That's why children eating these foods grow and become stronger. The fairy tale is finished here.

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