Keep track of your child's development in every period!

Keep track of your child's development in every period!

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The development of the baby is one of the most frequently asked questions in the minds of parents. Dr.Neslihan Güngör, Pediatrics and Pediatric Endocrinology Specialist from Anadolu Medical Center, shares information about child development with parents.

What can your 2 week old baby do?
• During this period, normal reflexes (automatic movements) of the newborn period such as suction, capture, search are monitored.
• From time to time you can catch up and look at you. In this case, try to respond by looking at it, smiling, shaking your head.

What can your 1 month old baby do?
• It can hold its head and turn its head to the right and left when it is lying on the abdomen.
• Agu tries to make sounds like bucking, dove, and mumbling.
• Watch for a short time, look at things nearby.
• May know that he knows you. He can calm down when he hears your voice.

What can your 6-month-old baby do?
• Can sit with support. (If you have switched to additional food, you should do the spoon feeding while the baby is sitting.)
• If he sees you in the mirror, he can look back and call you.
• With one hand, it can pass the grasped object to the other hand and drink water from a two-handle glass.
• Laughs out loud and screams.

What can your 1 year old baby do?
• Can take its first steps on its own. (In fact, he may not be able to do this for the next few weeks or months, so don't worry if he can't walk this month.)
• He can know a few more words except “Mama” and “Dad”.
• Can speak fake language.
• Gives you your toy and gets it back.

What can your 2-year-old do?
• The staircase descends and exits alone.
• More independent in toilet needs. (She may still need some help.
conditions can also exceed 2 years. It is important that the child is ready.)
• Know the gender.
• He owns everything “My!..
• Constructs 3-5 word sentences.

What can your 3-year-old do?
• Eating self-help.
• You can undress yourself, but needs help to dress up.
• Answer the phone.

What can your 4-year-old do?
• It meets the need of self-toilet.
• She dresses herself, undresses, unzips.
• Draws pictures of known objects.
• Know different gender roles.
• Count up to 10; recognize some shapes.
• It begins to understand some time concepts (yesterday, today, tomorrow).

What can your 5-year-old do?
• He can take a bath on his own (under observation), eat, dress, go to the toilet.
• He expresses his emotions with words.
• Be able to understand the difference between letters and words.
• Knows the basic colors.
• Understands the concept of left and right.
• Count up to 10.

What can your 6-year-old do?
• Paints well with crayon, but may have difficulty writing and cutting.
• Does not like to be criticized.
• Can count up to 100.

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